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Claim Form Instructions for Intra-state Moves

Please read carefully before filing claim

Transportation Losses

This presentation of claim form is provided to aid in compliance with the terms of the bill of lading.

Before presenting a claim for loss and damage, review the terms and conditions of the bill of lading under which the property was accepted for transportation.

To refund or remit in any manner or by any device, any portion of the rates and charges so specified through the payment of fraudulent, fictitious or excessive claims for loss or damage to merchandise transported is as much a violation of law as is direct concession or departure from the published rates and charges.

Warehouse Losses

A warehouse company is not an insurer of customers' property in storage. The law provides that a warehouse concern is only liable for loss or damage in case of failure to exercise ordinary care.

Warehouse charges are based upon a limitation of liability. This limitation is clearly set forth in your warehouse receipt contract.

Insured Losses

The above limitations do not apply providing you were issued a Certificate of Insurance covering your goods while in storage or if you were issued a Certificate of Insurance covering an intra-state transportation of goods.


A-1 Moving Local Claim Form.pdf