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Colin Easson, Manager of the Department of Building Services at Scripp



“Andy handled a lot of the coordination. He has always been very involved with the process. At every meeting we had he was an active participant. One thing Andy always stressed was that he wanted to make sure we were comfortable before he moved us. He always wanted our buy-in. He even met with the VP of Operations and the Facilities Manager,” says Colin Easson, Manager of the Department of Building Services at Scripps Florida.


From $500,000 pieces of lab equipment like a mass spectrometer which analyzes chemical compounds to smaller pieces like tabletop centrifuges, we packed, moved and unpacked the Scripps labs with precision and care. Today, we proudly store their laboratory equipment and deliver it as they need it.


“We call them on a regular basis for things we have in storage. A-1 works with us really well and they are very accommodating to all of our requests. Sometimes we ask them to take pictures of our vaults or deliver equipment. They offer us a fair price. We know they want to be a long-term partner,” says Colin.


The Scripps Research Institute (Scripps) is the largest nonprofit, biomedical research center in the United States. In 2004, they expanded operations from California and opened a campus in Jupiter, called Scripps Florida. Four years later, we were honored to win the bid to move Scripps from their temporary labs at Florida Atlantic University to three, new buildings on the same campus, just down the street. It was the largest, bio-tech move we had managed at the time and a great learning experience for us. Over the course of two and half months, we packed and moved almost every piece of equipment, including cold storage. We also moved new-hire scientists and Scripps department chairs from across the country. Andy Newitt and his team stayed involved in every part of the process.


Thank you, Scripps, for many years of continued partnership!