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Dave Hader, Max Planck



When Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience (MPFI) began making plans for their first, scientific research center in the United States, they knew the logistics of their move—five active lab groups, nine support groups and millions of dollars in laboratory assets--would be a huge undertaking.

Hader and his team put out a bid for movers as they waited for the completion of their new building on the Jupiter campus of Florida Atlantic University. They also began asking other industry leaders for recommendations for movers with expertise in bio-tech equipment.

“A-1 is always the MFPI preferred mover. Their experience is a huge part of it. They know exactly how to handle our expensive equipment. And when they don’t have the answers, they ask questions and seek the answers through whatever means necessary, even if it means building a relationship with the manufacturing companies of our equipment,” says Hader.

For the months leading up to the move, A-1 participated with Hader and his team in a collaborative planning and preparation process, walking through every detail of the move. One detail discovered through the planning was the challenge of moving a 10,000 pound milling machine through a very narrow hallway and double doors. Less than half an inch of space separated the machine from the walls. A-1, an A-1 subcontractor, Beyel Brothers, and Hader knew that every door handle and fire extinguisher had to be removed and part of the wall cut out in order for the milling machine to fit through the hallway and into its assigned laboratory.

“They took the time to find these challenges in advance and it made all difference. Andy and his team think ahead for potential issues. They came to scout out the path of travel so that when move day came, we didn’t wonder what was going to happen. It was just execution. It’s not often we surprise anyone,” says Hader.

When it was time for the move, A-1 had two weeks to pack, deliver, unpack and set-up Max Planck’s new offices and laboratories. Max Planck has continued to work with A-1 for their storage, rigging and moving needs. Hader believes it’s their commitment to professionalism, good communication skills and honesty that makes A-1 “moving experts.”

“You don’t choose A-1 to pick up your boxes. You choose them for their awareness in how best to pick up your boxes. They are professional movers with integrity—so much more than a set of hands,” says Hader.