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What has A-1 done to change the moving industry?

We take scams in the moving industry very seriously. In 1998, Andy Newitt, A-1’s Director of Business Development, ( Our Team, Andy’s Bio) gathered with values-aligned business leaders of the Florida Movers and Warehouseman's Association (FMWA) to stop unethical and frequent moving-related crimes. Though the industry in Florida is required to be licensed, it is unregulated and has limited enforcement. Anyone can buy a truck, hire cheap labor, neglect to get a license and hold your things hostage. This has resulted in the horror stories of rogues and extortionists driving away with a truck full of belongings, holding them hostage until the customer pays the “ransom.” As the Chairmen of the Board for FMWA , Andy and his team have worked with legislators and law enforcement to end this crime and change the reputation of the moving industry by making it a third degree felony to hold goods hostage along with other industry related laws.