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Decorating the House for Halloween

October 25, 2017 | Vivian P

Whether it’s the first Halloween in your new home just a few days after the final box came off of the moving truck, or your twentieth box, here are some ideas to help with decorate the house for Halloween.

Take all boxes out of storage, whether you’ve stored your decorations in a garage, attic or storage unit, to ensure you have your materials ready to be hung. Make a habit of properly labeling (in detail) what’s actually inside of a box, including any and all new items. Always think of the next decorating season and how having everything more organized and stored properly will make the season smoother. Decorations that are placed inside the home are different, and usually more delicate than those that are hung outside. Take out all decorations in a clean and large open room, and keep eyes on pets and children who may want to play dress up. 
Halloween is a holiday kids love (who doesn’t like dressing up like a superhero and asking for candy?), so map out which decorations they can hang and where, while keeping safety in mind.
How much space does your home have? How many decorations do you want to put up (and take down)? What decorations do you currently own? Do you want to buy new decor, or make any? Will you need help? Ask yourself these questions before settling on an idea. By planning out your desires for this Halloween season you’ll be able to better prepare for a spooky home that’ll make trick-or-treaters scream with happiness. Plot out your plan of attack by creating a general, if not specific, map of what you’d like your home to look like.
Now that you’ve gathered your materials (including what to hang your decorations with, assistants, and ladders/steps if necessary) the fun can begin. There’s always new ideas to freshen up your Halloween home. Spider webs, (fake) spiders, ghosts, caution tape, vampires, skeletons, pumpkins, witches, bats, (fake) candles, and orange or purple lights (and zombies) are common decorations that you can always find at stores, and that you can make yourself at home.
Ever wanted to have the coolest front yard on Halloween night? Try making it a little more interactive and busier than usual while still keeping it simple in the theme to draw a lot of attention. Try making a themed yard, like a dancing ghost village or pumpkin yard to make your trick-or-treaters awe in amazement.
Try new ideas, like creating an indoor front yard display by utilizing paper decorations and lighting to draw attention. Place monster characters up against your windows inside your home, and place a light behind it so that it’s illuminated shape is in clear view for those who are viewing it from outside. This is a great way to create a haunted house look (especially if you make your main windows look like your house has eyes).
By combining spider webs and caution tape, you’re bound to make your house look like it’s abandoned, and isn’t that how must haunted houses are in real life? Think of common Halloween materials, and how you can elevate your house to the newest (and scariest) level. The Internet is always there to help cook up some spooky decor ideas!
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