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Packing While Selling Your Home? Tips for Staying Organized and Making the Sale

March 06, 2018 | Dylan Snyder

Have a home listed on the market and have to start packing? Afraid the clutter might scare potential buyers away? Make the process easier on yourself. A few key tips can allow a home to be shown and make packing less stressful for sellers. Use the following suggestions while packing and showing a home today.


Keep It Neat

Sellers should look into investing some time and energy into organizing their home to make their packing and moving process much easier. First of all, prospective buyers want to know about the potential of storage spaces and value what can be done with them. Organized storage spaces give the appearance that owners have taken the time necessary to maintain their home. In order to optimize storage of packed boxes, consider adding portable shelving and while organizing for packing, think about using labeled bins to store similar items. Make the most of vertical spaces in a home. It is fine for a designated area to have boxes stacked neatly.


Designate a Single Storage Area

Do not leave random boxes scattered about a home when packing. Instead designate one room, such a basement, garage or office space, as a storage area. In this space, make sure that bins and boxes are organized and buyers can walk around the area and have access to all necessary areas. Keep the area clean and free of debris. It is best to minimize storage of boxes (especially if your place is on the smaller end of the spectrum) in a home and some may choose to store packed boxes outside of the home while a home is on the market. Others may decide to store boxes in separate rooms but this may make it more likely that a box may be left behind and make for additional trips to remove boxes and double check rooms when it comes time to move.


Purge the Unnecessary

There are plenty of apps now available to help sellers rid themselves of unneeded items that simply take up space. Unused exercise equipment, gently used clothes, old electronics can all be donated, given away or sold. Less stuff makes it easier to store useful items when a home is being viewed by buyers. Reduce and eliminate items which have outgrown their usefulness. Selling such items on apps like letgo can remove extra clutter and provide a few more dollars that can be used toward packing and moving costs.


Make a Plan

Decide where to begin. Pick a single room or area to review. Look at each item and decide whether or not they need to be packed away for later use or if they are worth donating, giving away or throwing out. Some choose to make a keep pile, a toss pile and a maybe pile. Start packing an area in the early evening. This would allow for earlier showings but still provide enough time to complete a single area and clean up.

Avoid distractions when packing. Don’t sit down and start exploring or repairing an item. Put the phone on silent. Keep the television off during the organization and packing process to give full attention to the task at hand and get done with an area in a timely manner. Many homeowners choose to organize the items and then pack them into a labeled box. After finishing the packing project for the day, clean and tidy the area for future showings.

Stay Organized

All homeowners would do well to create a master list of items packed away. This will be handy if anyone needs something in a particular box or should a box be misplaced. There are many reasons to stay organized while packing and one is that it makes the moving and unpacking process that much easier. Keep the best and most useful items and start fresh in a future home.  


This article was featured with the permission of Dylan Snyder of Snyder Real Estate Group. He can be reached at