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Why A-1 Moving and Storage is the right company for your lab moves

October 02, 2018 | Staff

When choosing a company to move your entire laboratory from one location to the next, you need to think ‘do they have experience’. This is exactly what A-1 Moving and Storage brings to you, and more...much more!  The A-1 Moving and Storage team has over a decade of laboratory moves under their belt with extensive knowledge about how to move your highly specialized equipment and instruments that are used on a day to day basis.  While we are recognized nationally as experts in this aspect of moving, A-1 Moving and Storage team members are also always open to learning new things...and so if, in the rare instance, they come across an instrument, equipment or bit of research that they are unfamiliar with, they are not afraid to ask questions to ensure that the move is done right the first time.
In addition, while A-1 Moving and Storage does not directly provide some specific and very specialized services, such as moving frozen specimens or the servicing of internal components, we strive to make it easier on our clients by identifying, coordinating and managing the independent contractors who are needed. To this end, we seek to serve as a “one point of contact” for lab managers who in other cases, might have had to make arrangements with several other companies just to successfully move a lab.
There are also some cases which would require the laboratory to be moved in parts or phases. In these instances, A-1 Moving and Storage is capable of moving one half of the laboratory at a time, so that it is never really 100 percent down. Because of the team’s years of experience, A-1 Moving and Storage is competent in doing all of this in a timely fashion, because they understand that “scientists are busy with their science everyday” and that every second their equipment is down, the more money and to a greater extent time is lost on the road to the next great discovery.

 Several of the world’s leading bio-technology research institutes such as Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, The Scripps Research Institute and Max Planck Institute for Neuroscience are our clients. This past summer we had several extremely successful lab moves. Andy Newitt, A-1 Moving and Storage’s Director of Business Development, shared one instance in which one of the laboratory managers had actually hired another mover. That other firm was quickly found to be unable to get the move accomplished properly, soon after consultations with A-1 Moving and Storage began and in that instance and one other given the busy summer period...Andy himself participated in the move to assist in packing, etc.  Special efforts were made by the team to ensure that the tight deadlines were met and our client was super satisfied...which is what it’s all about for us here...happy clients! “It extends reassurance that not only am I telling them that we can do it but I’m actually there doing it with them and with my crew and making sure that everything goes smoothly and with no challenges,” Andy asserted.

 At the end of day, if you are tasked with coordination of lab know what a challenge that can be.  You know the value of experience and hiring a moving company that understands your pain points and already knows how to make the move happen.  We love this kind of work...mainly because we are good at it and we love making our clients happy. Let us reduce your stress and be your one point of contact for your next lab move.  Be sure to contact Andy and the team at A-1 Moving and Storage!