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Protect yourself from FRAUDS... Hire moving professionals

November 19, 2013 | Staff

 Know Your Rights: Just because a moving company has a disclaimer added to their contract does not make it valid. It is important that you make sure you know your rights. This includes general requirements, requesting services, estimating charges, transport and delivery of your shipment, collecting charges, and resolving disputes. Taking a few moments to become familiar with your rights will allow you to identify red flags, especially when it comes to signing documents.

Read All Provided Information: Scanning through a document and signing is not acceptable. Sure, you probably think that since hundreds or thousands of people have signed before you that the document must be “okay.” This is your move and your belongings, so it is your responsibility to know what you are signing. The movers should provide you with:

Estimate – Do not accept an oral estimate. The cost for services performed should be in writing.Service Order – This document lists the services performed and the dates that your items will be picked up at your current location and delivered to your final destination. In most cases this will be the same day.

Bill of Lading – This is the contract between the mover and you. A partially completed copy should be provided to your prior to the movers leaving the first residence with your belongings.

Inventory List – Not all movers will automatically supply an inventory list. However, if you have expensive furniture, electronics, antiques, etc., you may want to make sure the moving company you choose will provide you with one. This list will be signed by both of you as you agree upon the description of the condition of goods.