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5 Easy Ways to Organize Your House Before you Move

July 30, 2013 | Kate Sheppard


Below are five great tips to help your get your home organized before you move:

Do what can be done in five minutes:  Many times we get stuck witha huge pile of things that need to be done. Often this is because we’ve put off dealing with them until everything needs to be done all at once, quickly. For busy families, this can be a problem. You will need a large amount of time in order to get things done. But, there is a solution. Getting organized before you even start packing can be done in short spurts of time. Simply take five minutes to gather five things that you want to donate or give away. Use five minutes to clear the fridge of expired products. Take five minutes to organize the hair barrettes your daughter has thrown all over her room, plan out your week, clean the junk drawer, etc… Getting into a routine of taking five minutes to do things will help with completing the tasks that need to be done before you move.

Never leave a room with nothing in your hands: Pick up things that are out of place, no matter which room you’re in. Put them back where they actually belong. Do not leave a room empty handed. This will help make packing easier later.

Tidy up each night ten minutes before bed: Each night before going to bed, take a few minutes to walk through each room and get them organized for the next morning. That is, take ten minutes to make sure that your child’s backpack is complete and ready, mail is ready to go out, your to-do list is created, plan what you want to make for tomorrow’s dinner, etc… Being prepared for the next day helps with being organized. You never know what may come up or happen that will interrupt what you have planned.

Leave notes or clues to get rid of clutter: When you have a lot of things going on at the same time, you may not be able to remember everything. It’s good to leave notes for yourself. This takes the guesswork out of what needs to be done. Place colored stickers on clothing that you want to get rid of. Mark dates on the calendar to remember when you have appointments or bills due. That way, you’ll always know what has been done and what still needs to be done. If you do not use it, it’s time to get rid of it, before you move.

Create “zones or stations” in your home:  Whatever you want to call them, gathering items into one location always works. Instead of walking all over your kitchen gathering items needed to make coffee, keep your coffee supplies in one location for efficiency. This is a tip that you can apply to many other areas of your home… snacks, games, crafts, etc… It can save you a large amount of time when you need to find a certain item that you want or need.