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Tips on Moving Furniture in the Rain

May 20, 2013 | Brynne Chandler, Demand Media

 Moving is stressful no matter what time of year it has to be done, but moving in a rainy climate presents challenges all its own. Aside from the potential damage to your belongings, moving in the rain can increase your chances of accident or injury. If you live in a place where it rains often and unpredictably, your best bet for a safe and happy move is to plan ahead and be prepared for anything.

KNOW YOUR ROUTE: Scout the exact route that you will be carrying your furniture to get it between your homes and the moving van or truck. Look for potential trouble spots if you’re doing your reconnaissance on a dry day. Deep depressions in concrete or dirt can turn into puddles, and dust-covered walkways can get slippery when they’re wet. Make a plan to deal with them, whether it’s a piece of plywood to lay down over a trouble spot or an alternate route if the planned one looks like it might be too treacherous when soaked.

PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE: Cover your furniture with plastic and hold it in place with painter’s tape. Drying soaked upholstery can take hours, and -- depending on what is beneath the upholstery – may not be enough to keep it from being damaged. Wood can swell and warp if it gets soaked, and thin veneers can lift and peel. Take a little extra time to cover everything well and you won’t have to worry about undoing damage later.

PROTECT YOURSELF: Wear light, flexible raingear, because staying dry will keep you comfortable and help you concentrate. Wear waterproof shoes with nonskid soles to decrease your chances of slipping on mud or wet pavement. This is especially important if you are going up and down exterior staircases. Gloves can help keep your hands dry, but make sure that they fit well, and are thin, flexible and waterproof.

MINIMIZE DISTRACTIONS: Arrange for child and pet care. Moving with small children or energetic pets can be difficult on the most glorious summer day, but in the rain, it can be torture for everyone involved. If it’s possible to keep them away from the action until the heavy lifting is done, the move will go more smoothly. If this is not possible, then find a place to secure the pets where they will not be underfoot, and bring activities to keep the kids occupied.

PLAN FOR BREAKS: Take five-minute breaks at least once every hour to dry off, get warm and drink a little water to rehydrate. Moving in the rain is inconvenient and uncomfortable. This can lead to frustration and irritability, which can increase your chances of having a mishap. Short breaks for some water or juice and a light, healthy snack can keep your energy -- and your attitude -- in peak form.